Adoption Cost How Much?!

Over the time since Kandace and I have started the adoption process I think the number one thing that has jumped out to people is the cost of adoption. Typically a response like this is given, “With so many children in need of homes in the world why don’t they make it more affordable?” There are a lot of answers for that question. One reason is that they so want to make sure people are serious. Unfortunately we live in a world where people harm and exploit children. These costs then help weed out people who may want to do that. Other factors include government fees (i.e. red tape), travel costs, paying for the home study, and other agency fees.

More than that, you’re also paying for your child’s life up until that point. Their care  their meals, their clothes, their doctors visits, their surgeries, and everything else. When you think about all the costs that go into raising a child it adds up fast. However, when we think about these costs compared to the cost Christ paid to adopt us, well it is not that big. In order for Christ to adopt us the God-man became like us. He lived a life that was perfect though he was tempted in every way that we are tempted, but never failed. He was wrongly accused and was beaten and eventually killed on our behalf. He took our sins to the cross so that the we can be sons and daughters of the living God. In love He adopted us, and it was through the sacrifice of His son.

Adoption is a picture of the gospel and a picture of redemption. We are excited that this will be a part of our child’s story, and that we will get to tell the story of God when we tell the story of their adoption. Yes, adoption is expensive and costly, but it is worth it.

So how much will it cost Kandace and I to adopt our child from India? It is estimated to roughly be $37,000-$40,000. So far we are in for $7975. That seems like a lot of money, but when compared to the total figure it’s really just a drop in the bucket. So how will we pay for it? We will continue to save money and make payments when they come, and we will be applying for some grants as well to help offset the costs. Another way we hope to fund the adoption is by the support of our family and friends.

We have partnered with an organization called “Adopt Together” They are a 501(c) company that helps adoptive families raise money. When you give to our adoption through this website it is considered charitable giving and can be used as a tax write off. We know that giving, especially sacrificial giving, is hard to do and wanted to make it beneficial for those who give.

The first $20,000 we are trying to raise will cover our agency fees and our third party legal fees. You can see on the attached picture where you can “buy a number” for our fundraising. If we are able to get friends, family, and strangers to buy every number on the sheet we will raise $20,000! You can buy multiple number if you like (for example, you may want to buy numbers 1-15) or just one. If you would like to write a check please message Jared privately for instructions. Of course, if you would like to give beyond the $200 you can do that by simply contributing whatever amount you would like to on the website. We are thankful for you even considering to give, and hope you know that every dollar given will help bring our son or daughter home. We pray you will consider helping us bring home our child. Even more, we pray that you will know the story of God’s adoption personally in your life.  That you are His child and have been redeemed. If you have any questions about that please, please reach out. Thank you and to God be the glory!

Here is a link to the website:

Here is our adoption fundraising sheet:

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